The Industrial Union News (Detroit). Vol. 3 No. 6. June, 1914.

The Industrial Union News (Detroit). Vol. 3 No. 6. June, 1914.

The Workers’ International Industrial Union (WIIU) also known as ‘The Detroit I.W.W.’ and the ‘Yellow I.W.W.’ was headquartered in Detroit and founded in 1908 by Socialist Labor Party supporters expelled from the I.W.W. over the question of political action. First led by C.H. Chase it retained the name I.W.W. for years, becoming the Workers International Industrial Union in 1915. It’s biggest coup was to briefly recruit I.W.W. leader William E. Trautmann in 1913. With an overlap in members, for the first several years the S.L.P.’s paper ‘The People’ was the organ of the WILU, beginning in 1912 this monthly was published. Never growing much beyond the SLP’s periphery and always much smaller than the I.W.W, they declined with the SLP after De Leon’s death and finally disbanded in 1925.

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