American Socialist Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 1. March, 1936.

American Socialist Monthly. Vol. 5 No. 1. March, 1936.

Contents: To the Austrian Victims of Fascism by Angelica Balabanoff, Roosevelt Faces Re-election by Norman Thomas, Socialists and the League of Nations by Harold J. Laski, The Townsend Plan: A Critical Analysis by Harry W. Laidler, People’s Government vs. Proletarian Dictatorship by Gus Tyler, Marx on the Principle of Utility Translated by Sidney Hook, Program of “Peoples Front.”

Socialist Review began as American Socialist Quarterly in 1934. The name changed to Socialist Review in September 1937. The journal reflected Norman Thomas’ supporters “Militant” tendency of the ‘center’ leadership. Beginning in 1936, there were also Fourth Internationalists lead by James P. Cannon as well as the right-wing tendency around the New Leader magazine also contributing. The articles reflect these ideological divisions, and for a time, the journal hosted important debates. The magazine continued as the SP official organ through the 1940s.

For a PDF of the full issue:

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