The Woman Today. Vol. 1 No. 12. March, 1937.

The Woman Today. Vol. 1 No. 12. March, 1937.

Contents: What the Women Did in Flint by Mary Heaton Vorse, Never Too Late by Leanne Zugsmith, The Moscow Theater for Children by Thyra Edwards, The Union Behind the Counter [department store workers] by Clarina Michelson, Who Picks Your Clothes? by Wilson Whitman, The Social Security Act by Dorothy Douglas, Women’s Clubs Come Alive [Progressive Women’s Council Convention] by Gudrun Borg, Have You a Mother in Law? by Jean Lyon, You Can Help the Spanish People, Dorothy J Ballanca, Dressmaker’s Local 22 by Jennie Silverman, Discrimination and the Millinery Union by Erma L. Lee, Genora Johnson [Dollinger] by Mary W. Hillyer, The Fight for Peace by Elinor Howard, Frances Wright by Teresa Wolfson, Letters, Editorials – International Women’s Day, Who is the Woman Today? Victory in Auto, What Shall We Tell Our Children? [explaining parental activism] by Frances Lipscomb, Organizing Steel Auxiliaries by Mineola Ingersoll SWOC, Pink Slip by Selma Marion, Remembering Gertrude Price, Book Reviews.

The Working Woman, ‘A Paper for Working Women, Farm Women, and Working-Class Housewives,’ was first published monthly by the Communist Party USA Central Committee Women’s Department from 1929 to 1935, continuing until 1937. It was the first official English-language paper of a Socialist or Communist Party specifically for women (there had been many independent such papers). At first a newspaper and very much an exponent of ‘Third Period’ politics, it played particular attention to Black women, long invisible in the left press. In addition, the magazine covered home-life, women’s health and women’s history, trade union and unemployment struggles, Party activities, as well poems and short stories. The newspaper became a magazine in 1933, and in late 1935 it was folded into The Woman Today which sought to compete with bourgeois women’s magazines in the Popular Front era. The Woman today published until 1937. During its run editors included Isobel Walker Soule, Elinor Curtis, and Margaret Cowl among others.

PDF of full issue:

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