International Press Correspondence. Vol. 1 No. 4. November 1, 1921.

International Press Correspondence. Vol. 1 No. 4. November 1, 1921.

Contents: Tactics of the Communist International by Grigorii Zinoviev, Italian Socialist Congress by U. Terracini, The Fight Against Communism in Poland by L. Georges, The World Shipping Crisis by E. Ludwig, The Aims of Recruiting Week by Fritz Heckert, Enter the Communist Party! By Wilhelm Pieck, Famine and Counterrevolution by Boris Sourvarine, “Fascism” by E. Gannari, ECCI: To the Proletarians of Spain.

International Press Correspondence, widely known as”Inprecor” was published by the Executive Committee of the Communist International (ECCI) regularly in German and English, occasionally in many other languages, beginning in 1921 and lasting in English until 1938. Inprecor’s role was to supply translated articles to the English-speaking press of the International from the Comintern’s different sections, as well as news and statements from the ECCI. Many ‘Daily Worker’ and ‘Communist’ articles originated in Inprecor, and it also published articles by American comrades for use in other countries. It was published at least weekly, and often thrice weekly. The ECCI also published the magazine ‘Communist International’ edited by Zinoviev and Karl Radek from 1919 until 1926 monthly in German, French, Russian, and English. Unlike, Inprecor, CI contained long-form articles by the leading figures of the International as well as proceedings, statements, and notices of the Comintern. No complete run of Communist International is available in English. Both were largely published outside of Soviet territory, with Communist International printed in London, to facilitate distribution and both were major contributors to the Communist press in the U.S. Communist International and Inprecor are an invaluable English-language source on the history of the Communist International and its sections.

PDF of full issue:

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