‘Gunmen Can’t Faze Missoula Lumberjacks’ from Industrial Worker. Vol. 5 No. 13. June 19, 1913.

Montana lumberjacks, 1908.
‘Gunmen Can’t Faze Missoula Lumberjacks’ from Industrial Worker. Vol. 5 No. 13. June 19, 1913.

Missoula, Mont. June 12, 1913—At the request of the car repairers’ union, fellow worker Hyde spoke to the entire crew in the N.P. shop here yesterday noon. He only had a few minutes to speak in so had to confine his speech to the structure of the I.W.W., Its aims and objects. He brought out forcibly the absolute necessity of the One Big Union and the utter helplessness of craft unions in times of strike. At the close he was enthusiastically applauded, which showed that their sentiment was for the One Big Union—the union which all the bosses fear most.

It would be well for other craft unions in this locality to follow the example of the car repairers. Fellow worker Hyde has been speaking here and at Bonner, alternately, and is doing great and wonderful work for the labor movement. He is heart and soul for the cause and nothing could please him better than an invitation to speak to any craft union in Missoula.

Fellow workers Daly and McMurphy, members of the strike committee here, were arrested one mile east of Trout Creek while trying to pull off a crew of scab lumberjacks. The gunman, after taking them a mile away from camp, offered to turn them loose, which they refuted. They were taken to Thompson Falls where a charge of disturbing the peace was placed against them. McMurphy got out on a 1500 bail and came to Missoula to attend to some business. Daly chose to board with the city when liberty in the form of bail was offered. The trial Is set for June 14.

It Is expected that some trouble will be encountered before the gunman obstruction is removed out of the way and progress of the I.W.W. The presence of gunmen, the militia and soldiers during strikes and labor disputes is the reflection of the heart of the capitalist class, the core of a boll. Do away with this sort of social element and all will be comfort and pleasure for all. The strike Is still on in this part of the state and no sign of settlement. Picket employment offices and rush funds to strike committee, box 962, Missoula, Mont.

The Industrial Union Bulletin, and the Industrial Worker were newspapers published by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) from 1907 until 1913. First printed in Joliet, Illinois, IUB incorporated The Voice of Labor, the newspaper of the American Labor Union which had joined the IWW, and another IWW affiliate, International Metal Worker.The Trautmann-DeLeon faction issued its weekly from March 1907. Soon after, De Leon would be expelled and Trautmann would continue IUB until March 1909. It was edited by A. S. Edwards. 1909, production moved to Spokane, Washington and became The Industrial Worker, “the voice of revolutionary industrial unionism.”

PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/industrialworker/iw/v5n13-w221-jun-19-1913-IW.pdf

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