The Militant. Vol. 5. No. 15. April 12, 1941.

The Militant. Vol. 5. No. 15. April 12, 1941.

Contents: Expropriate War Industries, Run Them Under Workers’ Control, Ford Is Shut Down at Last, On the War Fronts by George Stern, How Union Officials Are Used to Cover Up Gov’t Strikebreaking, Farrell Dobbs to Speak on the Latest Strikes, Four IBEW Men Framed in Queens Strike Trial by the Queens Correspondent, Army ‘Explains’ Camp Blanding Attack on Negro, Grace Carlson in 37th City of Her Tour, by Grace Carlson, City Hall No Friend of Newark’s Negroes by George Breitman, Transport Union Fights Strikebreaking Bill, How the Workers Shut Down Ford’s River Rouge, The Negro Struggle by Albert Parker, Who Owns the United States? by Bernard Forrest, Histadrut in its 20th Year in Palestine by Jack Weber, The Seamen Face Regimentation, Editorials: Program for Today’s Fight-Stalin’s Latest Pact-The Ford Strike-FDR on ‘Cooling Off’-Plan for Federal Sales Tax to Pay for War, Where We Stand by Albert Goldman, John L. Lewis Speech Attacks Mediation Board, 1941 Is Not 1917!

The Militant was a weekly newspaper begun by supporters of the International Left Opposition recently expelled from the Communist Party in 1928 and published in New York City. Led by James P Cannon, Max Schacthman, Martin Abern, and others, the new organization called itself the Communist League of America (Opposition) and saw itself as an outside faction of both the Communist Party and the Comintern. After 1933, the group dropped ‘Opposition’ and advocated a new party and International. When the CLA fused with AJ Muste’s American Workers Party in late 1934, the paper became the New Militant as the organ of the newly formed Workers Party of the United States. Several papers served the Trotskyist while they were engaged in an entry into the Socialist Party, after their expulsion in 1937 and the formation of the Socialist Workers Party, the Party published Socialist Appeal until January, 1941 when the paper was again named The Militant.

PDF of full issue:

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