Living Marxism. Vol. 5 No. 3. Winter, 1941.

Includes ‘The Workers Fight Against Fascism’ by Karl Korsch, online text linked below.

Living Marxism. Vol. 5 No. 3. Winter, 1941.

Contents: Fascism Made in the U.S.A. by Paul Mattick -On Definitions – The End of the Capitalist Revolution – Population end Profits – Frontiers and Easy Wars – The Decline of Capitalism – The Industrial Revolution of “Socialism” – The Blessings of Fascism, The Dynamics of War and Revolution by Lawrence Dennis, Rejoinder by Paul Mattick, The Workers Fight Against Fascism by Karl Korsch – Ambiguities of Democracy – An Economic Pythia – A New Fighting Ground – The Corporate Community – The End of the Market – The Viewpoint of the Workers, The War for a Better World by Luenika, Book Reviews.

Living Marxism was the successor to The International Council Correspondence. The International Council Correspondence was a left/council communist magazine published in Chicago by the United Workers Party, a split from the Proletarian Party. Published monthly from 1934 to 1938 and edited by Paul Mattick, in 1938, it changed its name to Living Marxism and again to New Essays in 1942. Karl Korsch, Anton Pannekoek, Max Nomad, Daniel Guérin, Otto Rühle, Dwight Macdonald and Victor Serge also were contributors.

PDF of full issue:

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