The Comrade. Vol. 1 No. 1. October, 1901. Inaugural Issue.

‘We Want the Earth.’

Many interesting articles in this, the first issue of The Comrade. Notably, it includes Morris Hillquit’s obituary ‘Wilhelm Liebknecht: The Soldier of the Revolution’, and an article by John Spargo looking at the early socialist movement in Puerto Rico.

The Comrade. Vol. 1 No. 1. October, 1901. Inaugural Issue.

Contents: The Love of Comrades by Edwin Markham, Grishka’s Romance by M. Winchevsky, The Violence of Equality by George D. Herron, The Worker with the Capitalist Mind by Herbert N. Casson, Francis Place – A Pioneer of Trade Unionism by John Spargo, Impressions of the Buffalo Exposition by Frederick Krafft, How Labor Triumphed in Richmond by John Taylor Chappell, Greetings to The Comrade from George Bernard Shaw and William Dean Howells, Some New Books, Poems by Ernest Crosby and Jack London, A Socialist Summer Community [Summer Brook, New York], Wilhelm Liebknecht: The Soldier of the Revolution by Morris Hillquit, Buddies by William Mailly, The Socialist Movement in Porto Rico by John Spargo, Laughter: A Gift of the Gods by Peter E. Burrowes, A Scholar’s Ignorance of Socialist Teaching by William Edlin, To the Memory of Considerant, Economic Epigrams and Proletarian Paragraphs by Courtney Lemon.

The Comrade began in 1901 with the launch of the Socialist Party, and was published monthly until 1905 in New York City. Edited by John Spargo, Otto Wegener, and Algernon Lee amongst others. Along with Socialist politics, it featured radical art and literature. Adorned with photos, portraits, art, and images, The Comrade was known for publishing Utopian Socialist literature and included a serialization of ‘News from Nowhere’ by William Morris along work from with Heinrich Heine, Thomas Nast, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Edward Markham, Jack London, Maxim Gorky, Clarence Darrow, Upton Sinclair, Eugene Debs, and Mother Jones. It would be edited by Algie Simons and absorbed into the International Socialist Review in 1905.

PDF of issue:

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