The Revolutionary Age. Vol. 1 No. 29. May 3, 1919.

The revolutionary spirit imbues this edition of Revolutionary Age with Articles on May Day by Louis Fraina and Ludwig Lore and Eadmann MacAlpine, Lenin’s speech on one year of Soviet power, and the clarion call of Liebknecht, Mehering, Zetkin, and Luxemburg.

The Revolutionary Age. Vol. 1 No. 29. May 3, 1919.

Contents: May Day and the Revolution by Louis C. Fraina, The Principles and Tactics of the New International, Editorials, Bolshevikjabs, May Day and the Workers’ Dead, The Old Strike and the New by Richard Hansen, After One Year In Soviet Russia by Lenin, Welcome Soldiers and Sailors! by Eadmonn MacAlpine, Lenin or Wilson the Bourgeoisie Scents Danger by Nicholas I. Hourwich, A Call to the Workers of the World: Appeal of Karl Liebknecht Rosa Luxemburg Franz Mehring and Klara Zetkin December 25 1918, Bourgeois or Proletarian Dictatorship Which? by A. Nyemanov, Soviet Russia Answers the Allies, This First of May Promise and Achievement by Ludwig Lore.

The Revolutionary Age (not to be confused with the 1930s Lovestone group paper of the same name) was a weekly first for the Socialist Party’s Boston Local begun in November, 1918. Under the editorship of early US Communist Louis C. Fraina, and writers like Scott Nearing and John Reed, the paper became the national organ of the SP’s Left Wing Section, embracing the Bolshevik Revolution and a new International. In June 1919, the paper moved to New York City and became the most important publication of the developing communist movement. In August, 1919, it changed its name to ‘The Communist’ (one of a dozen or more so-named papers at the time) as a paper of the newly formed Communist Party of America and ran until 1921.

PDF of full issue:

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