The Liberator. Vol. 5 No. 7. July, 1922.

The Liberator. Vol. 5 No. 7. July, 1922.

Contents: Class Struggle at Genoa by Max Eastman, Dreadnought by E. Merrill Root, The Descending Knife by John Nicholas Beffel, The Neophyte by Stuart Chase, The New Forces by Claude McKay, Sundown In America by Charles Recht, Nocturne by Joseph Freeman, The Young Writer by Michael Gold, City-Girl by Maxwell Bodenheim, Amnesty Week, Russian Pictures by Mary Heaton Vorse, Night Scene by Pascal D’Angelo, Banks and Bank Clerks by Llewelyn Powys, An Immigrant by Maria Moravsky, High Fog by James Rorty, Wisdom by Lydia Gibson, Julibelous by Howard Brubaker, Liberator News, George Gorsz, Artist-Communist by Hi Simons, Letter from Boardman Robinson, Onward, Christian Soldier by Lewis Gannett, ART BY Hugo Gellert, Maurice Becker, Russell, William Gropper, Robert Minor, Cornelia Barns, J. Edgar Miller, Wilt Coyne, Stuart Davis, Stanley Szukalski, Ben Benn, Wanda Gag, Reginald Marsh.

The Liberator was published monthly from 1918, first established by Max Eastman and his sister Crystal Eastman continuing The Masses, was shut down by the US Government during World War One. Like The Masses, The Liberator contained some of the best radical journalism of its, or any, day. It combined political coverage with the arts, culture, and a commitment to revolutionary politics. Increasingly, The Liberator oriented to the Communist movement and by late 1922 was a de facto publication of the Party. In 1924, The Liberator merged with Labor Herald and Soviet Russia Pictorial into Workers Monthly. An essential magazine of the US left.

PDF of full issue:

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