The Spanish Revolution (P.O.U.M., New York). Vol. 1 No. 7. December 2, 1936.

The Spanish Revolution (P.O.U.M., New York). Vol. 1 No. 7. December 2, 1936.

Contents: : The Working Class and the Recognition of the Spanish Fascists, The Death of Durruti., Municipal Socialism, in Badalona, Dangers of Trade Union Control of Industry, The First Women’s Battalion, The Militias and Militarization, The Campaign of the P.S.U.C. Against the P.O.U.M., The Batllo Silk Mills.Meditations of a Militiaman, An Appeal, Information Bureau, Trotsky on the Political Rights of Youth, Spanish Orphans to France, International Writers Greet Madrid Workers, American R.W.L. Representative, MacNair and MacGovern in Spain, The Maurin Ambulance, The Marxist League and P.O.U.M. Posters, Radio P.O.U.M.

The Spanish Revolution (not to be confused with the CNT supporters’ paper of the same name, time, and look)) was the English language journal of the Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista (POUM). Edited by American couple Charles and Lois Orr, she a member of the POUM women’s militia, the journal was aimed at British and US audiences through the International Revolutionary Marxist Centre, sometimes called the “Three and a Half International,” from October, 1936 until the arrest of the Orrs and the banning of the POUM after Barcelona’s “May Days” 1937 uprising.

PDF of full issue:

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