Labor Letter (Federated Press). Vol. 13 No. 4. April 27, 1927.

Labor Letter (Federated Press). Vol. 13 No. 4. April 27, 1927.

The Federated Press, an invaluable record of labor activity and working class struggles, was a weekly left-wing wire news service begun in 1920. Started as a fusion of Scott Nearing’s International Labor News Service with Edward J. Costello Milwaukee-based project, its aim was to provide copy from a working class perspective to the radical and labor press. At first based in Chicago and soon to be led by Carl Haessler, the FP grew, establishing itself in Washington D.C. with bureaus in Moscow and Berlin. From the mid-1920s the FP was closely associated with the Daily Worker for which it supplied many articles., but provided articles to well over 100 other publications. Nearing continued to work for the service until his anti-war position made it untenable in 1943. Haessler continue leading the FP until it was closed down in the first years of the Cold War.

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