Workers Education. Vol. 6 No. 4. January, 1929.

Workers Education. Vol. 6 No. 4. January, 1929.

Contents: Workers Education and the New Orleans Convention by Spencer Miller Jr., Twelve Years of Educational Activities of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union by Fannia M. Cohn, About the Workers Education Bureau.

Workers Education was the quarterly, then monthly, journal of the The Workers’ Education Bureau of America . The W.E.B. was founded in 1921 by labor activists and Socialists, many of them around the Rand School and Intercollegiate Socialist Society. Its first chair was James H. Mauer. For much of the 1920s, though it was financially supported by, among others, the A.F. of L. it retained a left-wing and independent position, and was among the most successful workers education projects in their 1920s heyday with an influence far beyond the unions backing it. Increasing A.F.L. dominance led to the 1929 take over of the Bureau by the Labor Federation and subsequent conservative, and shrinking, workers educational activity.

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