Allarm (Minneapolis). Vol. 3 No. 19. December 1, 1917.

Allarm (Minneapolis). Vol. 3 No. 19. December 1, 1917.

Allarm began in December 1915 as the monthly organ of the Scandinavian branch of the Industrial Workers of the World published by the Scandinavian Propaganda League. First produced in Seattle as Solidaritet (“Solidarity”) in January of that year to Minneapolis as the Allarm. With a circulation of 2000, its editors included Carl Ahlteen, Walfrid Engdahl and future Trotskyist and Teamsters leader Carl Skoglund. The three and been exiled from Sweden after the 1909 General Strike there. On September 5, 1917, U.S. Department of Justice agents raided 48 IWW halls across the country, including the Allarm’s offices, arresting its editor Carl Ahlteen, and staff. Many were jailed and/or deported. The Allarm ceased publication in May 1918.

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