Die Wahrheit (Milwaukee). Vol. 10 No. 41. October 8, 1898.

Die Wahrheit (Milwaukee). Vol. 10 No. 41. October 8, 1898.

What was a long-running German language Milwaukee paper became a founding force of the Socialist Party of America in 1901. Die Wahrheit (The Truth) was edited by Victor Berger when he was still a member of the Socialist Labor Party. The voice of the ‘political action’ wing of the Social Democracy of America and led by anti-De Leon SLP dissidents, they united with Debs’ forces to form the Chicago-based Social Democratic Party of America in 1898, one of the two forces who came together in 1901 to formed the Socialist Party. Vorwärts was also published in Milwaukee as this groups trade union voice.

PDF of full issue: https://www.marxists.org/history/usa/pubs/die-wahrheit-us/981008-wahrheit-v10n41.pdf

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